“I want to make a company that collects valuable “things” from all over the world! It was with this strong desire that I decided to setup up a company. I wanted that feeling to be reflected in the company name as well, so that is why I decided on the name of “Mono Corporation”. Unlike businesses handling intangible items such as information and services, it is a business that sells “things” that are able to touch the customer directly. Of course “Safety and Security” are given maximum consideration, but out mission is also to bringing “pleasure and happiness” as well as a “smile” to out customers faces. Together with our staff I hope to continue to strive to do this into the future.

Company Profile

Company Name Mono Corporation Co., Ltd.
President Yuichi Watanabe
Head Office Address 1-19-14 Miharadai, Nerima Ward, Tokyo 177-0031
Established February, 2017
Capital 8 million JPY
Business Content EC site operation, Wholesaler of Home Appliances
Settlement of Accounts September
Main Bank Seibu Shinkin Bank (SWIFT CODE:SESKJP1)
Corporate Philosophy Aim to be a company that collects valuable “things” from all over the world.